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Learn how you can participate in our program and take advantage of the numerous services and benefits Workforce Solutions – Child Care Services offers to child care providers. Each day, we help more than a thousand parents in the Heart of Texas afford the cost of quality child care services and connect with area providers.

If you are a licensed or registered provider through Child Care Licensing or an eligible relative, you will find the information you need to serve children through CCS. If you need more information, click the Contact Us link in the Related Resources menu on the right side of the page.

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Texas Rising Star

Effective October 1, 2022 any Texas child care provider wishing to participate in the Child Care Services (CCS) program must be designated as Entry Level and agree to work with a mentor towards Texas Rising Star certification.

The Texas Rising Star program offers providers the opportunity to improve the quality of child care and early learning by meeting progressively higher levels of quality. These levels are tied to higher reimbursement rates. Learn more about the Texas Rising Star program here.

For more information about the Texas Rising Star Provider Program, visit the Texas Workforce Commission web page or contact our Texas Rising Star staff.

Current List of Texas Rising Star Providers
TRS Provider List (English Version)
TRS Provider List (Spanish Version)
How to Become a Contracted Provider

Are you interested in caring for children referred through Child Care Services? More than 100 licensed and registered providers in our area meet the requirements and choose to care for children through Child Care Services. Find out if you are eligible.

  1. Do you meet our licensing or registration requirements?
    1. You must be licensed or registered with Texas Child Care Licensing (CCL) as a child care center, licensed day home or operated and monitored by the United States military services.
    2. You may not be on corrective or adverse action or corrective denial with these agencies.
    3. You may not be on “Applicant Status” with Child Care Licensing.
  2. Follow the Terms of your Provider Agreement
    1. To care for children through Child Care Services, providers must sign and agree to abide by the terms of a provider agreement.
  3. Attend a Program Orientation a. Interested providers should contact Tamera Carter, Provider Services Manager to schedule an individual appointment. Call (254) 296-5367 or (800) 772-2269 outside McLennan County or email
How to Become a Relative Provider

Parents may choose a licensed or registered child care provider or a relative. If you work nights or weekends or you are having trouble finding a child care provider for some other reason, then choosing a relative may be a solution for you. Family member that may be eligible must be at least 18 years old and be the child’s grandparent, great grandparent, aunt/uncle or sibling.

Relatives must meet the requirements of DFPS Child Care Licensing and become a LISTED FAMILY HOME BEFORE providing care through Child Care Services. For more information call DFPS at (512) 843-3195

Click here for Child Care Licensing Forms for Providers

Print out the following forms: Form 2873 Guidelines for Listed Family Homes Form 2986 Listing Request

Important Note: You may be eligible to have the $20 fee waived. Before submitting your application to DFPS, contact Tamera Carter at (254) 296-5367 or (800) 772-2269 if outside of McLennan County or email

Texas School Ready Certification!

Texas School Ready!™ is a state-wide certification program that recognizes preschool education classrooms that successfully prepare their students for kindergarten.

Licensed Child Care Centers who have achieved the Texas School Ready! Certification are eligible to receive a higher reimbursement rate from CCS for their commitment to exceed minimum standards and for providing the high quality care that young children deserve.

Click here to learn more about Texas School Ready!

To find Texas School Ready! participants in the Heart of Texas region, visit the ChildOne Parent Resource Portal under ‘Early Care and Education Programs’.

For more information, contact Tamera Carter at 254-296-5367.

2023 Provider Repayment Schedule
2022-2023 Provider Reimbursement Rates
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FEBRUARY 18, 2021

Our workforce centers and administrative offices are closed Thursday, Feb. 18, due to inclement weather. All events, including virtual workshops, orientations, tax preparation and other in-person appointments, have been canceled. If you have questions, please email us at, and our staff will respond as soon as possible.