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Recruit Talent

Need to post a job or improve your talent pool? Consider registering in the state’s largest job matching system,

To get started, you will need your business Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN), which can be found on your SS4 form you received when you registered with the Internal Revenue Service. Not sure if you have one? Contact us.

I want to get started on my own. (Quick Start)

Before creating your WorkinTexas profile and/or posting your opening, you will need to have the following information available to ensure you create a quality job posting:

  • Have Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN)/Federal Tax Identification Number
  • Job Description – What are the job duties and responsibilities?
  • Experience – How many years and/or months are required?
  • Education – What type of education or training is required?
  • Application Instructions – How does an interested candidate apply for this job?
  • License/Certification – Are there any occupational licenses or certifications necessary for this job?
  • Computer/Software Skills – Are there any computer and/or software skills required or desired?
  • Salary/Pay – set amount is preferred if available or at minimum a range
  • Work Schedule – shift hours, work days

Go to and follow the instructions for logging in and creating your job posting.

I want expert help. (Contact Us)
Our expert Business Solutions Team can assist you now to get started. Call us at 254-296-5201 or send an email to

Finding qualified workers is the first step to building a successful business. Workforce Solutions can assist your organization in this effort by providing the following services:

  • Candidate Referrals – A one-stop resource for placing job orders and obtaining referrals drawn from a large applicant pool.
  • Labor Market Information – Local labor market data to track skill availability, industry trends, industry forecasts, and wage survey information.
  • Testing and Assessment – Testing of employees is provided to determine current skill levels and recommend training for skill upgrades, if needed.
  • Business Resource Amenities – Certain amenities within our Workforce Solutions Centers have been designated for business use. Businesses are encouraged to use computers, a copy machine, telephones, a color printer, a fax machine, and various periodicals on employment issues. Individual interviewing and meeting rooms are also available to businesses who use the Center services to recruit employees.
  • Job Fairs & Hiring Events – Workforce Solutions sponsors job fairs and hiring events to help businesses recruit and interview candidates using Workforce Solutions Center resources. Job fairs are held for multi-employer events and hiring events for individual businesses.
  • – Allows businesses to be in control of their own job postings. Businesses can enter their job postings, run a match, view the resumes of job seekers, and close their job postings, all online. Technical assistance is also provided in using the automated system.
  • Outplacement Services for Business Downsizing – Employers have the opportunity to use the outplacement services that are offered by Workforce Solutions to assist their former employees in the transition.
Why partner with Vocational Rehabilitation (VR) Business Relations?

Vocational Rehabilitation customers are qualified candidates with the skills, drive, loyalty and dependability that employers want. Workforce Solutions for the Heart of Texas Business Services Units collaborate with VR Business Relations and can help you tap into this talent pool through:


  • Education and Awareness assistance to meet your needs, including site visits, presentations, training, tours and community resource referrals.
  • Recruiting to build a strong, diverse workforce by identifying qualified candidates for your job requirements.
  • Training to help VR customers learn the foundational soft skills and job skills needed in your business.
  • Retention services so that you can retain valuable employees who need help due to a disability that might be jeopardizing their employment.

Contact Us: Business Solutions Team | 254.296.5201 |

Offices & Centers Closed | Workshops & Orientations Canceled

FEBRUARY 18, 2021

Our workforce centers and administrative offices are closed Thursday, Feb. 18, due to inclement weather. All events, including virtual workshops, orientations, tax preparation and other in-person appointments, have been canceled. If you have questions, please email us at, and our staff will respond as soon as possible.